Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Enjoying the Journey: Flexibility in Homeschooling

We are now in March. Just months away from when most homeschooling families will pause for a reprieve from schooling.

Yes…it’s called SUMMER BREAK! 

Although MANY of us just keep bull dozing along as to ensure TOTAL BRAIN DEADNESS doesn’t occur!


One thing that I think will be so very helpful is getting the *right* mind-set before we find ourselves at the end of summer AND at it again.

At *it*…..means homeschooling full force. Again!

I have 14 more years of…….being at it AGAIN!

14 down but 14 more years to go.

Help me Lord.

I pray that this week’s Wednesdays Words of Encouragement really do encourage you and give your some clearer guidance and direction.


Enjoying the Journey: Flexibility in Homeschooling <<<click the link