We ‘heart’ Homeschool

Good days!

Challenging days!

Organized days!

Chaotic days!

Progressive days!

Why pull out a school book days!

90th day!

1st day!

“I wanna pull the covers over my head” day!

‘Learned how to read’ day!

“Mommy, Sally is looking at me!” day!

“Jesus wants me to love my brother everday, Mommy” day!

Conquered SAT scores day!

OMG! It’s time for ACT – day!

Unity day!

Fighting/Arguing day!

I don’t have friends day!

We are too socialized day!

It’s time to start homeschool again, day!

Yay! Last day of homeschool – day!

1st day of Kindergarten day!

Last day of homeschool 12th grade day!

“What in the world am I doing” day!

All your ducks in a row day!

I’m going to screw up my kids day!

I know exactly how to teach my kids day!

Who told me to homeschool day!

“God has called me to homeschool my kids’ day!

Deliver me from my kids day!

I love being with my kids day!

Every day…….


(Share this with another homeschool family. It may just be the encouragement they need toay. To calm their thoughts in their heads. )

Seving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry