UCHU Monthly MNO Support Group Meeting


UCHU is starting a MONTHLY homeschool support group AGAIN for Moms!! (and Dad’s if a Couples Night is planned)

(You do not have to be a member of UCHU-Accountability Association to participate or host).


We have had a very active MNO (Mom’s Night Out) monthly support group in the past.

Moms signed up for a month that they were willing to host a get together.

This allowed us to have a MOBILE support group so that we can travel beyond our locations to have this get together. And meet a lot of different Moms. We would even carpool to these locations.

It can be at your home, at a restaurant, at a park, at the Gorge (hahaha)……where ever you’d like to host it.

Also, it’s time where imperfect homeschooling Moms can be open, vulnerable, get support, make and build friendships/relationships and UNWIND!!!

We will get this started in August 2016.

FIRST TUESDAY of each month!!!! (if we need to change that day please let me know).

You can have a guest speaker.
You can have a game night.
You can have food and fun and talk.
You can have a craft night.
You can have a day out in the park.
You can have a…….(fill in the blank and be CREATIVE!!!)

I will keep this information stored on the website atwww.UCHUnlimited.com
Tab: Email Support
“Members Only”
It will be under password

I’ll also keep it posted here as a document or a google doc

Let me a month you’d like to host:
Provide your name
Phone number/email address
FB name
Month you’d like to host

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