UCHU at the Pool and Field Day!!!! (We finally did it!! It was a Blast!!)

Yearly,  UCHU – United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate  email support group has our End-Of-The-School-Year-Field Day.

This year we had to reschedule THREE times.

Finally, today……SUCCESS!!!

Great weather!

Pool time!

Lunch afterwards!

Field Day!

Great memories 🙂

Thanks for all who came out to help make today a great success!

Thanks Lisa S. for the pool connection!

01a1e6b6bf5042f33b1df6df9b98b4448da6ae6d9a Field Day Events for the day: 

*Spoon – Golf Ball Race
*Pool Noodle Between the Leg Race with hands behind your back
*Sponge & Cup Race
*Dizzy Bat Relay
*Water Relay – Sponges
*Water Balloons Under the Neck Race
*Sack Race
*Water Balloon Volley

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4-5 year old category:

Ephraim P.

Tirzah P.

Ashlinn G.

Isabella L.




6 to 8 year old category:

1st place winner: David

2nd place winner: Adam

3rd place winners: Mya and Mario

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9 to 11 year old category:

1st place: Braedon G.

2nd place: Tekoa P.

3rd place: Kohlten G.

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12 to 17 year old category:

1st place winner: Jordan P.

2nd place winner: Robert B.

3rd place winner: Noelani P.


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Today was a BLAST !!

Beautiful weather!

Nice crowd of  UCHU families.

Refreshing pool time!



Water games!


UCHU 2014 End of the Year Field Day was a hit.

Enjoyed by all.

We shall do it again!!! 🙂

See you NEXT year 🙂 (Lord willing)

To all the Moms and Dads that came out……THANK YOU!!!!