Tuesday’s Teach them this……. “You Can Learn Anything” (video)

As the homeschooling year is starting for many of us we know all to well how many of our children can tend to underestimate their ability to LEARN.

To succeed.

To triumph.

To excel.

To just do well!

As parents, we encouragingly tell them and reassure them that…..

They can!

They will!

They shall!

It may take time.

It may take effort.

It may take sweat.

It may take tears.

But they can!!!

There is nothing they can’t do and there is nothing they can’t learn.

The pace in which they learn it may vary but they can and will do it!

Hey….but Mom? Dad? We too need to remember this truth.

We can learn anything too.

Now grant it we don’t have such time at our finger tips as they do but…..

What are you working to learn?

Are you leading by example?

Try something new.

Try something hard.

Try something you don’t like.

Show your children that what you say is true…….AND applies to YOU TOO!

My personality is such that I THRIVE on doing things that I *seemingly* can do…..just to prove I CAN!!

Triathlon. (I placed 376 out of 784 women)

Mixed Martial Arts (orange belt…thank you very much)

Loose 78 lbs.

Greek (now that was hard)

Take sugar out of my diet.


Start an Accountability Association.

Learn Spanish.

Do yoga….successfully.

I’m am still working on doing a split….I am almost there!

Full body push ups.

I keep challenging myself that I can do and I can learn how to do ANYTHING!!

How about you?

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