Thought Provoking Thursdays: New SAT should reflect Common Core

Common Core…….

The big buzz word that is floating around invoking fear, concern and worry.

For me, I thought that as a homeschooling parent this type of teaching method would NOT affect my students/children in any way. Demisingly, it will.

The College Board has decided to align the SAT testing to that of common core. This change is suppose to occur the fall of 2016. Still some time yet before this takes place BUT if we aren’t educating our children with this type of *thinking* regarding education then our homeschool students may not fair well. I’m *thinking* this to be true and will continue to research to this end.

Earlier in the week I posted information and a video about Common Core. Try seek that out. Look for it under *Categories* regarding the posts.

For now……… in the know and read the below article regarding SAT and common core.

CLICK THE LINK >>>>>> New SAT should reflect Common Core

If you missed the video I posted last week discussing common core as published by HSLDA then please CLICK here >>>>>> Building the Machine