Teach Them This Tuesday: Pinch and Flip (video)

As many of you know I am the founder and director of a homeschool academy in our homeschooling community.

We have 25 wonderful families that meet twice a week to provide community and a variety of classes for our eager learning students with a STEAM focus (Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics).

One of the classes that I have the privilege of being a Classroom Guide (we don’t call our parent’s teachers at our academy) for are the 3 year old and 4 year old students.


This is a fun group to instruct and hang around. They keep you active and on your little *tippy toes.* 🙂 Additionally, they say the funniest things and do the most unsuspecting things you can imagine at any given moment. Lol.

Just today we were working on writing a few letters of the alphabets and the sounds of those alphabets. For several of them I took note of their challenge of trying to properly hold their crayon (that’s what we were using today) to write their letters. Or either they had no clue how to properly hold it. Of course, I gave focus to those who weren’t doing it successfully. Gratefully, after some guidance they got it!

I thought I’d share this short, simple and to the point video that Happy Brown House shared by You Tube video. I had never thought of this simple technique but it certainly gets the job done and brings this simple process home! 🙂

It’s always better to bring correction to improper pencil holding before the wrong way is ingrained in your child’s mind.

Please give this a try and see how it works for you then post the results! 🙂

Simply Pinch and Flip

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director