Teach Them This: Student-Preneur (video)

A subject that’s not often taught in homeschool is the subject of *Entrepreneurship.*

To its credit……IT SHOULD!

We tell our children that they can be anything that they want to be.

Well tell our children that they can do anything they want to do.

However, in that equation there usually isn’t any thought process to spurring them onward to business ownership.

We often steer them in the direction of college. Debt. Hopes of finding a job utilizing the studies they gained in college.

Or….with the understanding that college is a necessary need before business ownership.

Sure, it could. But must it be?

Entering into college and securing a job in which studies were completed is not occurring at a successful rate as once hoped.

The amount of students trekking to college with high hopes of coming out on top.

No debt. Dream job. Successful pay. Is slowing down in it’s pace. Do the research and you will find this to be the case. (I’ll save the details of this for another post.)

However, Entrepreneurship is an opportunity that any of our homeschooled students can grow into.

Dream it. Plan it. Pray over it. Study it. Make it happen!

children entreprenerurs

Why not begin to plant those seeds of business ownership at a young age?

Surround them with great resources to read.

Amazing mentors to listen to.

Connect them with success business owners within the community.

Make it a part of their studies since it is their future.

Look at this list of homeschooled successful entrepreneurs:

Andrew Carnegie
wealthy steel industrialist

Amadeo Giannini
Bank of America’s founder

Horace Greeley
New York Tribune founder

Soichiro Honda
creator of the Honda automobile company

Peter Kindersley
book illustrator and publisher

Ray Kroc
founder of McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain

Jimmy Lai
newspaper publisher; founder of Giordano International

Dr. Orison Swett Marden
founder, Success magazine

Adolph Ochs
New York Times founder

Joseph Pulitzer
newspaper publisher; established Pulitzer Prize

Colonel Harland Sanders
started Kentucky Fried Chicken

Emerson Spartz
12-year-old internet entrepreneur (MuggleNet)

Dave Thomas
founder of the Wendy’s restaurant chain

J. Edgar Thomson
chief engineer, Pennsylvania Railroad

The above was found at: 

Well…..take a look at this and see what you think. The possibilities are endless.

This 9-year old entrepreneur just landed a $1 million dollar contract with Whole Foods. Not too bad, right?



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Angela Perry, Director/Owner UCHU