Teach Them This Tuesday: “My 3 year old is EVERYWHERE. How can I homeschool with a toddler running all around?”

Nursing Baby.

Toddler on the move.

Littles that will not sit still.

Yep….I’ve homeschooled through all of these situations.

After 16 years of homeschooling creativity was a must and I figured out a thing or to.

  1. Nursing Babies. I homeschooled between the feeding schedule or napping schedule. If they were awake and needed my attention…….AHH…..BOUNCY CHAIRS were a great distracting tool for periods of time.
  2. .  Booster seats or high chairs (not sure if high chairs are still considered safe…Ha). But….these were used when my little tykes wanted to run all over the place.  I fully expected them to remain entertained for 1 hour while I homeschooled.

Then give a snack in between the time and start another set of two videos. They each            are around 30 mins in length.

I also ran a home day care in the early years of my homeschooling. I had a booster seat with a safety belt for each of my littles.

Then I discovered these:

Letter Factory. The top two on the left are the same. The far left is the original one I purchased over 16 years ago. The 2nd is the replacemnt one after all the scratches on the first. The Great Numbers game on VHS. And yes, we still own a VCR.  It still works. These can be purcahse don Amazon or WalMart online (not in the store.)

I hit the jackpot for YEARS!!!! And still using them to this day.

My five year old knows all of his letters and numbers from watching these videos for  years!!

All of his siblings learned their numbers and letters THE SAME WAY. 🙂

3. Homeschool your littles using these vidoes. Back during the time I discovered these videos we only had PBS. And that was a PRECIOUS PRECIOUS jewel.

But every day littles up to 4 years old watched these videos ad naseum.

Over and over and over and over.

“Time for your schoool.” I’d say it like it was a BIG PARTY about to happen!!!

So all they knew was to be excited about watching their *homschool* videos.

I also had a Spanish video too that they watched daily. Professor Parrot. I still have it but don’t use it much now.

So at four years old guess which childen knew every letter, the sound of every letter, ever number, what it look like etc. AND they had fun watchng them every day.

4. If you are homeschooling younger students 2 hours is the most that should be needed for schooling. Two hours is about the time the littles can sit to enjoy the videos. They only watched four videos a day. I switched the videos around day to day of what they’d watch.

Two leap frog vidoes. Professor Parrot. Great Numbers Game.


Professor Parrot. Code Caper. The Alphabet Jngle. Letter Factory.


Give it a try!

These videos are provide music, visual stimulation, education, clean learning and lasting memories.

My older children each have fond memories of these videos. I still catch them watching them every now and then with Benjamin (the youngers Perry).

Even though Benjamin is Kindergarten now….I still have him watch Letter Factory, Great Numbers Game, Alphabet Jungle and Code Caper EVERY DAY while I school my 3rd graders and 6th graders. That gives me two hours to work with them.

Then when I’m done…I have a good 40 min. to 1 hr to work with him.

School day is done by NOON (almost) every day. 🙂

On this week’s Teach Them This Tuesday…..I hope it provides some ideas of how to Teach your littles how to enjoy learning why you are teaching your other children.

Items needed:

*Booster seat with a safety belt (to keep them in the chair). Just to keep them in one spot. The open sofa will *not* work

*Some entertaining videos (perhaps the ones I suggest)

*Maybe small snacks that will not make a mess for them to enjoy while looking at the videos.

*Nearby room. Make sure they are in your eyes sight.

*Patience. Understand that this is a season and it will pass before you know it and they’ll be off to college, or military or missions or working……but they will not be small forever. <<sniff sniff>

If you have questions let me know. I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s been a successful {HARD AND TOUCH} journey.

Share your thoughts by commenting down below! 🙂

Serving Your and Yours,

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