Tuesdays Teach Them This: Ask Questions.

In the home where students are constantly asking questions and wondering about things is a home where children are free and welcomed to learn.

I will admit that I have become the homeschool Mom that gives children their books filled with work to complete without giving them the opportunity to think outside of the box or book to inquire about things.

Often time, to inquire means to take up time.

Taking up that time means to rob time from something else or prolong something.

However, thankfully, I do have a few children that will and are going to ask some questions all day, every day no matter what time constant I may be under.


However, let the truth be told that if we do not invest in allowing forĀ what we call *time wasting* where our children’students are able to ask questions …….

Then we in reality are halting learning, inquisitive minds and creativity at best.

Do you foster question asking in your home?

Do you see question asking fanned in the co-op or Academy in which your children attend while homeschooling?

If not, this certainly is an area in which we all need to pay attention to.

The linked article below speaks to this concept very clearly.

Why It’s Imperative to Teach Students to Question as the Ultimate Survival Kit

albert einstein 2

On this particular subject matter I would be delighted to hear your thoughts on the after reading the article.

Please chime in – in the comment section and share your thoughts?

Or things you think you may need to change or adjust as you homeschool your children?

Happy Questioning…….