Tasty Tuesdays: Pears

Just yesterday I purchased a bag full of organic, imperfect looking pears.

But I betcha they are gonna be sooooo sweet! And juicy.

One thing I learned is that pears are not only a great *go to* fruit when you want a snack but is one that is healthy and not too laden with natural sugars. But *just* enough sugars to make you feel like you had something sweet. Which I definitely like. Hehe!

My family can totally demolish an entire bag of pears in literally a sitting. 🙂

So today on Tasty Tuesdays the featured food is *Pears.*

I’ll pass on to you homeschooling moms a few resources about how healthy they are and why you should eat them.


Looks Yummy doesn’t it!!! 🙂

Also you’ll find in this post a pin on UCHUpstate’s pinterest page for some delicious looking recipes.

Pears are a homeschooling girls….okay a homeschooling families best friend for a delicious and healthy snack.

Be informed about this over the top fruit.

Why eat PEARS..……………..

1. Decrease the risk of heart disease.

2. Decrease the risk of stroke.

3. Weight reduction.

4. Increase of immune system

5. Colon healthy

6. Source of Energy

7. Reduction in Inflammation

To learn the detailed facts  >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

Now…..Let me tell you, if you are looking for a down right unbelievable recipes featuring pears then here you go. And for all of you SUPER COOKS I think you will think you have been given a treasured gift to indulge in.

For those of US who aren’t super cooks…..we may feel intimidated but maybe challenged to arouse the hidden SUPER COOK within us as homeschooling moms.

Well, I know for sure that I have a few pears in the fridge that may find themselves in one of these RECIPES. <<<Click over there on the word RECIPES to go to the link<<<<

If you do indeed try one of these out please do not hesitate to forward pics and a delicious write up about it. 🙂

Go to our Pinterest boards to get the recipes for the pictured items below. 🙂


Angela P.

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