Tasty Tuesdays: Apple Cider Apple Cups

Homeschool shouldn’t be all about work, work, work and books, books, books and more books.

With these weekly posts I hope to encourage ALL of us to create opportunity for interactive activities with our children and with our families. That’s fun!

Perhaps this thought pattern is no where near your radar :/

However, hopefully you will choose to try some of these Tasty Tuesday posts out.

I know that our UCHU fb friends are giving it a go and posting pics of their finished products.

I’d like to challenge you to give some of these Tasty Tuesday delicacies a try. 🙂

And once you do, PLEASE share a pic of the finished product. 🙂



<b>Apple</b> <b>Cider</b> <b>Apple</b> <b>cups</b>.



Angela P.