Sweet Puppies ready for their ‘Forever Home.’

We chose this mixed breed of dog because we are farmers and the Anatolian Pyrenees is the best dog you can get for a farm or homestead.

Puppies for Sale

The Anatolian Pyrenees is a designer dog cross between the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. 

Anatolian Shepherd:

needs space to run

is known to be a livestock guardian

they are bred to bond with flock animals and with their family with fierce possessiveness

they make their own decisions about who is a friend or foe

they are very agile and reactive

they have a deep impressive bark

we find our dog to be a great guard and alert dog

Great Pyrenees

are gorgeous dogs

laid back and reserved

fearless and loyal to human and animal

he is quiet indoors and content with long daily walks

likes to play in the snow and pull carts

very patient with children and their family

they are livestock guardian

will keep watch over flocks

they need a high fence because they like to roam

they are brilliant/smart

Please contact us if you are interested in visiting them. 86four.814.80five seven