Super Saturday: Architecture: It’s Elementary

Are you currently doing architecture studies with your elementary students?

Are you interested in doing architecture with your elementary student?

Then you may be interested in this complete lesson on

Architecture: It’s Elementary  <<<<<Click on the title to be directed to the website<<<<<

This Web-based guidebook for teachers includes ten lesson plans for each
elementary school year, from kindergarten through grade five. The curriculum
introduces children to the study of architecture and the built environment,
encompassing art, social studies, language arts, history, science and math. 

These lessons engage children’s bodies, minds, and imaginations to explore how
buildings and cities are designed and built. Lessons appeal to the various learning
styles of children as they look, explore, think and design. In considering how to
create functional, safe and appealing environments, children develop skills of
observation, reasoning and critical thinking. These tools will develop within them
an appreciation and respect for the built environment.



Angela P.