STUDY TIPS: UCHU-Spartanburg County National Geographic Bee

Hope to see many new faces on this……
Monday, Dec. 1, 2014, 7 p.m.
Contact me for location.
Tip of the Week:
Reply All w/ any websites or games or ideas that have worked for your students.
Here is the geospy game that we have found VERY helpful.
New Questions (U.S. Geographic comparisons)
1.Which state experiences a tropical wet climate  – Hawaii or New Jersery?
2. Which state borders fewer other states – Maine or Missouri?
3. Which state covers a smaller area – Delaware or Mississippi?
4. Which state has a panhandle – Maryland or Arizona?
5. Which state produces more coal – Washington or Kentucky?
6. Which state is closer to the Arctic Circle – Hawaii or NewHampshire?
7. Which state has more geothermal activity – Wyoming or Illinois?
8. Which state experiences more hurricanes – North Carolina or New Mexico?
9. Which state produces more cranberries – Wisconsin or Utah?
10. which state produces more wheat – Maryland or SouthDakota


1. The city of Eugene, home to several institutions of  higher learning, is located on the Willamette River
in what state bordering the Pacific Ocean?       Oregon
2. The Thousand Islands International Bridge stretches from Canada to which US state east of Lake Ontario?
New York
3. In which western state can you hike the red rocks of Sedona and the jagged Mogollon Rim? Arizona
4. A number of corporations have headquarters in Stamford, located near New York State’s southeastern border. This city is in which New England state? Connecticut
5. Muskegon, once known for its lumber industry, is located northwest of Grand Rapids in what state? Michigan
Tip of the Week:
Be sure you know how to identify every US state on a blank map.
This week instead of sending more questions (since we just had a practice)
I am sending a list of terms for you to learn or define.
Find a geography textbook and look in the glossary for answers
and to identify terms you should start studying.
1. bight
2. bluffs
3. cartography
4. dialect
5. emirate
6. fjord
7. gaucho
8. hydrosphere
9. isthmus
10. latitude
11. map projection
12. nor’easter
13. oasis
14. prime meridian
15. river system
16. savanna
17. topography
18. urbanization
19. voodoo
20. watershed
okay, that should be enough for two weeks.
I won’t send any questions next week.