South Carolina Home Educators Association
November 3, 2014 

Is there a good reason to join SCHEA?  Absolutely.  SCHEA is the watchdog for legislation in the state.  With new legislators and a new Superintendent of Education coming to Columbia and the always present possibility of new anti-homeschooling legislation, SCHEA works hard to preserve your freedom to home school in the state.  And for legislators, numbers always are important.  Please remember to vote on Tuesday and then join SCHEA in keeping our state freedoms alive and well.

20th annual Columbia International Festival-Global Education Day April 17, 2015 9 am to 1 pm.  Columbia International Festival’s one-day kick off event dedicated exclusively to school children.  Travel the world in a day!  Visit nearly 75 national/cultural exhibits showcasing their nation’s culture.  Student admission $5.00.  Free admission for teachers and chaperones.
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Welcome to Capital City Gymnastics where we are devoted to assisting individuals regardless of gender, age, finances, mentality, physical abilities, and background achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness.   We will be adding a home school program at CCG in November.  For more information, contact  Karimah McILwain 803-509-2857