SC Department of Motor Vehicles License, Beginner’s Permit and Identification Cards for the Homeschooler

Soon will come the day when your homeschooled student will desire to receive their diver’s permit or license for the state of SC.

I know for me it has come around TWICE sooner than expected.

And each time I was always UNCERTAIN of actually what was needed. So I went to DMV and asked for paperwork that I can take so I will be in the know. And I’m still not sure if I’m in the know because each SC DMV requires or accepts something different.

However, per their form MV-93 here are some thoughts to help you prepare for license or driver’s license for your student ūüôā



*If your student is going for their driver’s LICENSE and are under 18 years old they will HAVE TO HAVE TAKEN¬†BEHIND THE WHEEL and that letter will need to be with the student when they go for their driver’s test in addition to having their driver’s permit card in hand.¬†

NOTE*** If the student is under 18 years old and is going for their driver’s license they¬†MUST¬† have received a driver’s permit beforehand.

*If the student is 18 years old or older they will NOT have to have a letter from the teacher of behind the wheel class because behind the wheel is NOT required if 18 years old or older.

*If the 18 year or older student has¬†never received a driver’s permit this student will have to take the computerized test AND the driving part of the test on that day. That student, the one is 18 years old and older, will need to provide proof of S.C. Residency, birth certificate and social security card.

If the student that is older than 18 years old and has a current driver’s permit they will only need to take the driver’s portion of the test to get their license.


If the student is going for their DRIVER’S PERMIT then they do not need the above letter from behind the wheel instructor but will HAVE TO TAKE ONLY the written part of the test which is actually computerized

And they will need to:

*provide letter or contract form Homeschooling Association, 

*birth certificate 

*and social security card

per DMV’s MV-93 form

For Driver’s Permit you should know:

Student’s will ONLY take a written test part of the test WHICH IS actually computerized.

On the actual SC Department of Motor Vehicles for License, Beginner’s Permit and Identification Cards form MV-93 the things needed are the following:

*Letter or contract from Home School Association

*Birth Certificate

*Social Security Card

For my association (UCHU-AA) and most¬†associations each member will or should receive an acceptance letter¬† which shows STUDENT’S NAME AND CURRENT PHYSICAL S.C. ADDRESS (not P.O. BOX) when you become members with your association.¬†

This letter serves as sufficient required paperwork for SC Department of Motor Vehicles.

Eeach DMV accepts or will require different paperwork. 

A membership card may be okay, are report card at one DMV where another requires an actual letter PER DMV’s form that states required documentation which is their form MV-93.

If a student is going for their license then the student will need the paperwork from their BEHIND THE WHEEL class if this was taken.

If the student is 18 years old then the paperwork from a BEHIND THE WHEEL class is NOT required.


A helpful prep online testing is one below that will help the student prepare for the computerized test. It is something similar that the student will have to do while there.