Option 3 Homeschooling: Completing Progress Reports (YouTube video included)

For most of you the end of the homeschooling year has come! Yay!!
For others of you the daily homeschooling continues! Yay!!
One thing holds true is that ALL Option 3 homeschooling families must complete a semi-annual progress report. Yay!

Completing your student’s progress report indicates …….well, their progress in all subjects within the schooling year.

Completing one is ……well, not an option!

The Option 3 Homeschooling law indicates the following:

(d) educational records shall be maintained by the parent-teacher and include:

  (3) a semiannual progress report including attendance records and individualized documentation of the student’s academic progress in each of the basic instructional areas specified in item (c) above.

To read the Option 3 law in details click HERE  . Just keep scrolling down until you see Option 3. (you can read about Option 1 and 2 if you’d like)

To see an example of what your child’s progress report could look like click the link below:

>>>click    https://uchunlimited.com/progress-report-examples/   <<< click

For my accountability association, members are to maintain their own record keeping per the law as stated under SC Statute 59-65-47.

In other words…..you don’t have to turn your paperwork into me.

Now be clear on this……some Option 3 accountability associations will require that you turn in this paperwork to them for review.

But I don’t. Yay!!

That means…..you get to follow the laws. And I don’t have to babysit your work. Yay! 🙂

For your viewing pleasure see the below video.

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