*NEW* SC 10-Point Grading Scale – Effective Aug. 1, 2016

Effective August 1, 2016 all students receiving college prep or high school credit worthy courses will transition to the 10 point grading scale. Below is a *snippet* of the grading scale. The full printable copy can be found ……

UCHU’s website



On the SC Dept. of Education’s website


My accountability association members will see this change reflected on their transcripts in which I complete for them.

If you should have questions or need further clarification be sure to reach out to your accountability association director.

Only the RISING 9th graders or lower grade levels will have ALL FOUR YEARS of their high school years utilizing this new grading scale.

Student who are rising 10th graders or higher will have a mix of the past grading scale and their 2016-2017 and beyond gpa’s reflective of the 10-point grading scale.

Below is NOT the entire scale. Just a short snippet of it.

10point grading scale

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU owner/director/administrator