Monday’s Message: Why put your children in public school? Part 2

Proverbs 23:a(KJV)

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

This Scripture and a few other ponderings has caused me to settle the matter of “Why put your children in public school?” Join me in this week’s Monday’s Message and hear what the final consensus has become for our family.


These four littles pictured here were ECSTATIC with the idea of attending public school. Although one of them asked, “Does this mean we will not be able to go to {STEAM} Academy if we go to public school.” After receiving the answer from me of, “No, you can’t do both.” He quickly decided this wasn’t such a great idea.

However, my fifth grader had tears in her eyes the entire trip and DID NOT want to be pictured. She couldn’t understand why I was even thinking about putting them in school. After all, she had only been homeschooled her entire life.

Well…’s today’s Monday’s Message.

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whatever the mind can imagine he can achieve