Monday’s Message: What is your *WHY?* (video message)

Think of something that you have a conviction in your heart to do; or something you know that you must do because of it’s importance; or something you feel the Lord has called you to.

Once you think about it then think of the *Why?* behind the reason you do it or must do it.

If the *WHY* can be determined and focused upon then this *WHY* will be the driving force for you doing what you do.

Day in and Day out.

When you feel like giving up and giving in…..

When others may try to tell you there is no value in what you are doing or simply cause you to think you CAN’T do it.

When the enemy is showing you that it impossible for YOU to do IT because after all it’s YOU that is trying to do this.

Determine to let your WHY keep you moving forward and onward.

Your WHY may be God giving.
Your WHY may be passion driven.
Your WHY may be life essential.

Let’s NOT give up, give in or halt.

Let’s fulfill the WHY and make it happen.

As we persevere we will be surprised at the outcome of having stayed passionate about our *WHY* and kept the course towards it.

[wpvideo XzCBcKzU]