Monday’s Message: Step Out the Boat (video)

Happy Labor Day!!!

I’ve been busy all day organizing and cleaning house. Then I realized I hadn’t sent out my Monday’s Message to each of you.

Not that this is such a HUGE deal but something small that I wanted to be able to touch basis with each of you at the start of the week.

I pray that these Monday Messages are encouraging and perhaps something that you can share with others.

I don’t take time to get all prettied up. I just stop what I am doing and share what’s on my heart for that moment or for that day.

[wpvideo XXtX4PFN]

Today’s Monday’s Message is about Stepping out of the boat.

We all know the story of how Peter trusted the Lord enough, if even for that moment in the mist of the storm and waves, to STEP OUT OF THE BOAT. And because HE DID he actually walked on water. A few steps none the less but he DID IT!!

In my own personal life the Lord has called me to step out of the boat……our entire family basically. And we have done it. We are doing it. And beyond our comfort we do it step by step thus far each day.

What areas of life are you stepping out of the boat in?

What places do you need to step out of the boat in so that you too can see the working of a miracle of the Lord on your behalf?

I have learned that you can’t see the miraculous if you don’t STEP OUT by faith to see the unbelievable occur.

Safety is a GREAT place we all want to live.

Security is a COZY place to dwell.

However, there are definitely times when the righteous need to live by faith. Not sometimes. But all the times. Those times come in different looking packages.

Sometimes it’s CRAZY FAITH. But faith non the less.

It’s then we see God follow through in a miraculous and unbelievable and inconceivable way.

Well my friends……this homeschooling year be willing to STEP OUT OF THE BOAT and trust the Lord in those areas that you and He alone know. Those areas that you feel Him drawing you to but you haven’t willfully decided to go. 🙂

Step out and be full of faith and let’s see what HE does!

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry