Monday’s Message: Priorities

Being a homeschooling Mom of EIGHT, graduated two with one more graduating this year, the buck stops at Algebra 2 for me.

While I did well and passed Algebra 2 with flying colors in school it’s been lots of years since I worked with this level of math exclusively.

I’m actually proud to say that I still remember quite a bit of it but a lot of it I don’t.

So when my oldest was at the Algebra 2 level I did my best to work with her.

But….. having to work on other subjects and studies with my other children didn’t allow me to put the time with her that I desired. She basically worked through it on her own.

Here again with child #3 who is working through Algebra 2…..I helped her up to the point where it was effortless on my part.

But then…..more time was needed to plow through this level of math with her.

I didn’t find a tutor. Well not a physical – human being tutor that would sit down with her and help her through Algebra 2.

We found KHAN ACADEMY . com!! Whoo hooo! Best thing ever.

So today’s Monday Message…


Homeschooling Life Is too short

You’ll be relieved when you do. 🙂

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU owner/director/administrator