Monday’s Message: #ILOVEYOU

Angela and Tirzah
This little Princess here was added to our family almost four years ago via adoption. She was birthed from within the *womb of my heart* and not my physical womb. (We have a total of four children birthed this way.)

This little girl received a diagnosis and IEP of being *INCAPABLE* of being able to learn. They gave a long list of things she couldn’t do and wouldn’t be able to do.
First of all I was surprised that an IEP could even be given to a 3 year old that’s still learning. As well HER TWIN BROTHER has an IEP and was called a challenged learner too. We were told that she was the most *challenged* in her learning of the two.
I told them to keep their special services etc. I didn’t want them.
No home visits.
No special programs.
No special ed classes.
No more preschool.
She was going to be homeschooled.
I’m a homeschool Mom and that’s what I do.
Help my children learn how to learn.
And excel!
Well let me tell you what she can do………..
*At the age of 4 she learned to read fluently
*She has the most beautiful cursive writing…she started learning at 4 yrs old.
*She of course can spell and write her name
*She can spell
*She can add/subtract, tell time, count money, count by 2s, 3s, 5, 10s and knows her numbers all the way to 1000 (she’s 7 now), learning multiplication
*At this very moment she is across the table memorizing her addition fact cards. Which she has been the first to get them all correct among her two brothers. (I have all three of them in the third grade).
*Ride a bike
*Work a television and a remote (that’s major)
*Teach her baby brother his alphabets
*Reason and discuss subjects
*Quote more Scriptures than most adults
This morning she got ONE wrong and was in tears – almost. She asked if she could try again later this evening. Which she is studying right now.
*Her self confidence is out the ROOF!
*She carries herself as a princess.
*She can learn. Wants to learn. LOVES learning. (Go figure)
Had she stayed in the *system* I’m sure she would continue to have been in special ed classes with an IEP which she would have formed and conformed to. (It’s amazing how that happens. Kids become what they are around and say that they are.)
You see….this homeschooling Mom does NOT settle for inabilities from ANY of her eight children.
“You can’t do it?” Well, we need to figure out how you CAN do it.
“You don’t understand.” Well we need to figure out how to make your brain comprehend.
I don’t ACCEPT the inabilities that easily can just roll out of their mouths.
I don’t accept it from myself and I will not accept it from my children.
Guess what?….
They each discovered that THEY CAN. There are no limits. Just different creative ways to get it done or accomplish the task.
I can’t tell you the joy I have being able to mother these eight children.
Hard work? Yes!!! OMgee. Hard.
Is it worth it? Yes!! Everyday it’s worth it.
I feel privileged and super special to be called to the task I have in this life.
By the way….
She just did her little *quiz* with me on her math cards. (I took a little pause to give it)
She got them ALL RIGHT!!
My little princess. #ILoveYou
Angela Perry, UCHU Director/Administrator