Monday’s Message: Homeschooling and Time Management.

How I have missed our Monday’s Messages together. Two weeks have gone by so quickly!!!

I’d like to share with you some thoughts along the subject of *Homeschooling and Time Management.*


FYI: If your cell phone ever acts as if it is broke and will not allow use of the cell phone camera nor video simply take the battery out and put it back in the cell phone and it should reset.

I learned this a round about way.  I am thankful that walking into the AT&T phone store allowed me to figure this out after being on the phone for almost two hours with technical support to figure out what’s wrong with my new phone…………….. It didn’t get me far via phone technical support but in two minutes I was fixed right up in time to head to Orlando last week on a business trip. :p


Homeschooling and Time Management.

I will admit that I DO NOT have this perfectly figured out. Some days just happen outside of my control but for the most part we stick to a schedule.

Having a laid out hourly schedule helps ASTOUNDINGLY when a curve ball comes in for the day that causes me to get off schedule. I can quickly maneuver and adjust as needed.

Countless number of people have asked me, “How do I get it all done?” It being:

*be a wife

*care for eight children

*run a farm

*care for my household

*grow spiritually in my relationship with the Lord

*teach/homeschool seven of the eight children (one has graduated)

*be a director of an Option 3 Accountability Association

*be a director of a homeschool academy

*be a business builder in Young Living Essential Oils

*assist in operating my husband’s coffee business

*train those within my organization

*serve in my church

*exercise and care for my *temple*

*assist homeschoolers along their journey

*write blog posts, oversee facebook pages

*make a ton of calls weekly to those in my various organizations

etc. etc.

You see this is a long list……….

However, I continue to find encouragement and peace in words that the Lord spoke to me a long time ago. “Angela, what you complete for the day is all that I gave you grace to complete for the day.”


Once, I remind myself of those words then I can lay my head down at night and know that I’ve done what I was suppose to do. However, if the Holy Spirit points out areas where I allowed my minutes to be robbed from me for reasons *within my control* then I trust He will show me and I will work better tomorrow.


A sweet little secret that I found that works wonderfully is *hour by hour* time management.

Having an idea of what you will do each hour of the day and making sure your children know what they should be doing each hour of the day while you are doing what you are doing each hour of the day.

I explain this more in the video.

This is a technique that I’ve done for years. However, I will say this upfront…………..

Hour by hour schedule doesn’t mean I always complete ALL of my chores/*to do* list in a day. Some times it carries over to another day. Or another week. Or sadly on to another month. Usually these are things related to my business not homeschooling.

BUT…………..those things not completed in the *hour to hour* schedule never come off the list. They stay there until my hour by hour schedule and *life’s happenings* will allow me to get to them.

Then when that happens……….oh sweet relief!!!

You are not a failure at time management until you stop trying to perfect it.

What we do as homeschooling moms is to write out the vision…..

Tweek it as needed…………

Try, try again…………

Realize that productive *motion* is what we are after……….

Not just motion…………

Measure your success from the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit. He will let you know.

*Rest and try again.* or

*Work on that one area that you slacked off on.*

What have you successfully found to help you with Time Management as you homeschool?

Do share. 🙂

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director