Monday’s Message: Being Option 3 compliant (video)

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I’m taking a few minutes while at my daughter’s orchestra practice to record Monday’s Message!!!

I’m sure you will hear the music in the background. I ADORE orchestra music!!! She’s making *my* dream come true of being able to live surrounded by this genre of music. 🙂

In South Carolina there are THREE options in which to homeschool. In this Monday’s Message I will be sharing and bringing our attention to Option 3 homeschooling. After all, as I am the director of an Accountability Association sharing this information is what I do. ((smile))

You can find the details of Option 3 law here:

or here:

The first thing to know is that under Option 3 law it is clearly stated that the home educator MUST be a member of a group that at least have 50 members.

Here is the wording:
“parents or guardians may teach their children at home if the instruction is conducted under the auspices of an association for homeschools which has no fewer than fifty members and meets the requirements of this section. Bona fide membership and continuing compliance with the academic standards of the associations exempts the home school from the further requirements of Section 59-65-40 or Section 59-65-45.”

Understanding the law FOR YOURSELF will dissolve any confusion that may be lingering in your mind.

Because there are so many Accountability Associations (AA) often times confusion about the law develops. This occurs simply because each AA firstly, MUST abide by Option 3 laws; BUT each AA has the freedom to put in place varying requirements for membership within their association that goes beyond the Option 3 laws and requirements.

Often times those additional requirements that are in place by the different Associations are often *thought* or *assumed* to be a part of the Option 3 laws and its requirements.

However, this is not correct!

I hope this video helps you understand what is Option 3 law and how you may remain compliant under the Option and under UCHU-AA.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me directly with your questions or clarifications needed.

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry

UCHU-AA Director/Administrator

Staying Option 3 Compliant and requirements for UCHU-AA.
Staying Option 3 Compliant and requirements for UCHU-AA.