Messy Monday: You were never called to be a PERFECT Mother…..

Just Saturday I sat down to have a relaxing, adult, heart to heart conversation with a fellow homeschooling Mom.

As we enjoyed our ChickFilA meal and a bit of delightful chatter I shared with her a clear, precise and detailed word that the Lord had spoke to my heart just the week before.

During a moment of me coming down on myself for something, the Lord said, “Angela, I never called you to be a PERFECT Mother.”

And a ton of bricks were lifted off, His Words penetrated my heart and freed me of some unwelcomed burdens.

I’m not sure why MOMS do this to ourselves.

We put on yokes that the Lord never called us to.

We do it over, and over and over again!

Somewhere….Someone has said that in every aspect of our life there should be perfecting.

However, our Lord NEVER EVER called us to that life.


Just at that intelligent moment that we decide to take on the calling of PERFECTION is when we feel the brunt of it’s inability to be fulfilled.

Today’s post speaks to this subject so beautifully.

I happened on to this post by mistake as I was preparing to type up a blog post JUST along these lines.

So, I say to you…………

Be encouraged!

Be inspired!

Be set free from PERFECTION!

You can’t do it anyways.


messy homeschooling mom

Three Things Every Homeschooling Mom Needs to Remember about Homemaking

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by Kristi Cottage

Be encouraged and be yoke free!