LEARN HONORS SPANISH I WITH United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited.

You will have access to sign up for these classes on the 2020-2021 application or register online if you are not a member of UCHU at http://www.UCHUnlimited.com

This course is for academically strong 7th graders through 12th grade students. This honors Spanish class will be an intense and vigorous study of the Spanish I.

NO prior studies of Spanish will be required.

It is encouraged that students take Spanish I several times if the goal is mastery and not just completion of the course. If the course is simply to satisfy a credit for their transcripts that is ok too.

Check back on this page for the full honors syllabus to ensure this course is a good fit for your student.

Here are the basics:
*Registration will be on the UCHU application

*Classes will begin Aug. 25, 2020

*Registration deadline August 17, 2020

*Classes will be Tuesdays and Fridays

*Course is for 7th-12th grade students.

*Course will be year long and in a group setting

*Computer/internet will be needed with Zoom option.

*Classes will be TWICE a week.

*This will be a HONORS credit class.

*60 total group classes.

UCHU Members: $175 per semester (2 semesters). 4 – $43.75 a month a semester (apply on UCHU Option 3 Membership application)

NON-MEMBERS:$225 per semester (2 semesters). 4 -$56.25 a month a semester. (total of 8 months). Per student

UCHU MEMBERS will have first seating.
Minimum class size is 6. Maximum class size is 16.

People not members of UCHU can take the classes. Nor must they live in the state of South Carolina to participate.

Spread the word and post in various homeschool groups.
Thank you!

Questions: Contact me at UCHUThirdOption@gmail.com or 864.300.2236