“Homeschooling in (Our State) – What you Need to Know for Kindergarten and Beyond!”

“Homeschooling in (Our State) – What you Need to Know for Kindergarten and Beyond!”
Mark your calendars and join me:
Thursday, July 17, 2014
5 p.m. –  7:30 p.m.
BS Library
(Contact me for location details. Indicate which email support group you are apart of so that I know this is a legitimate inquiry)
Bring a dinner if you have to and we will continue our talk
No Cost!
Please invite new homeschooling Moms as this will bring them up to speed on getting started on their homeschooling journey. 🙂
*Options for homeschooling in (Our State) (Particularly Option 3)
*Proper record keeping knowledge according to Option 3 law
*Homeschooling with the end in mind
*Homeschooling in the high school years
*Homeschooling in high school with college in view
*Homeschooling special needs children that want to plan for college
*Homeschooling special needs/learning different children
*SAT/ACT testing, what’s the difference
*Understanding various scholarships and what you NEED to know
*Transcripts, Diplomas and report cards
*Getting started homeschooling
*Organizing the Day
*Understanding the various methods of homeschooling
With a panel of homeschooling Moms – both veteran homeschooling moms as well as kind-of-new homeschooling moms to answer you ‘How to?” Questions. 
Please r.s.v.p if you will attend to:
SIDE NOTE: I purposely keep our location vague regarding our state in which we are homeschooling. WE are on the open website to all the world. 🙂