Understanding SC Option 3 Homeschooling

Read and understand

‘Get Started Homeschooling in SC‘ five part video series

Day #1 Know your homeschooling laws. Choose when you will begin.

Day 2 Choosing your resources and committing to your homeschool.

Day #3: Learn your child’s learning style. Learn your teaching style. Learn the best schooling schedule for your family.

Day 4 Deschooling. What will your homeschool look like? Finding your community.

Day 5 Enjoy the process. Be flexible. Make changes as needed. Focus on ‘Becoming.’

AUCHU Virtual Mastermind Meeting – May 2022.
Everything you need to know to get started homeschooling in SC and encouragement for the journey

The below video is great for :
*All families interested in homeschooling.
*Families new to homeschooling
*Parents scared to began homeschooling/home educating their children
*Families that have great expectations for their children’s education journey
*Those desiring encouragement for their homeschooling journey

Join Angela Fafali Nyarko and a host of other South Carolina families embarking on their home education journey.

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I hope you enjoyed the series.

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