Back-to-School Coupon Book

A fellow homeschool Mom shared this with our email support group. I think it’s a WONDERFUL idea.

I can NOT wait to do this!!!


Ideas for this coupon book could be:

*stay up 1/2 late

*no math day

*no chores for the day

*choose movie for family movie night

*extra helping of dessert

*sleep in bed an extra 1 hr. late before school

The ideas are numerous.

I think this would be a great first day of school gift.

I’ll post more ideas for back to school gift/creative ideas for our children.


Printable Coupon Favor Book for the Kids: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

By Amy Suardi of Frugal Mama

“I do this every year for the first day of school for my kids as gifts and put it on the table with a new pencil and a candy bar, plus a sign that says Welcome to ____ Grade. I do coupons for a later bedtime, a QT drink, choosing the family movie, an extra helping of dessert, a day with no math or other subject, etc…whatever they like… and I do about 6 coupons per kid. Just thought I would share- it is basically free and my kids really look forward to it every year.”

Read more at the below weblink.


This coupon book is free and anyone of us can make it for our children!! 

What a great idea!