My name is Angela and I have the wonderful pleasure of serving my fellow homeschooling community –

United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited.

United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited is a large family of homeschoolers growing together, seeking to nurture, train and raise up our children well while we home educate them.

There are several arms to UCHU.

UCHU-AA provides such accountability under Option 3 and is recognized as a viable accountability association by our state education department.

UCHU Field Trip Club is a club provided for the members of UCHU to enjoy field trips with homeschoolers from the association. These field trios are monthly and are coordinated by the UCHU Field Trio Coordinator. Monthly UCHU members receive reminders of the planned trips and events coming up. Stay tuned and stay engaged.

UCHU YouTube Channel is designed to keep you in the know about all things related to homeschooling on South Carolina. Over 100 videos available for you to view and learn from.

UCHU Facebook Page is United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited. This is a great page to stay in the know, stay encouraged and connect.

UCHU also has Upstate Special Needs Homeschoolers each cater to our homeschool special needs community. Join on the facebook group community. is designed with the South Carolina homeschooler in mind

Here you will find all sorts of helps, resources, encouragement, creative ideas to homeschool, words to encourage along the away, opportunities to have live chat with fellow homeschoolers and more.

Please share with other homeschoolers within our state.

Please share your ideas and thoughts along your journey in the comment sections.

Please feel free to forward me a blog post that you would be interested in sharing with the general homeschooling community.


About me:

Angela Jordan Perry, homeschooling Mom of eight children for 20 years, mentor, entrepreneur, host of Girlfriends’ Guide to Homeschooling with Angela Jordan Perry YouTube show, podcast/host of Girlfriends Chat with Angela Jordan Perry, founder/Executive Director of Educating Our Own, Mocha Homeschooling Moms-SC co-founder, owner/director/administrator of United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited Option 3 Accountability Association, founder of The Homeschool Upstart; host/found The Homeschool Upstart Podcast; direct marketer, mad’am farmer,  Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist.  Angela and her family make their homestead in Campobello, SC. Angela’s purpose driven life is to make a positive impact on 1,000s of homeschoolers worldwide.

Serving you and yours,


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Angela, I believe you & I met when you brought your homeschool group to Table Rock camping. I’m a homeschool mom who works part time at Table Rock State Park. I saw your post on FB about your upcoming Winter Festival this Friday Dec 5th. Could you give us more info. My teen son has been crafting diff items to sell at fairs to raise money for youth camp. Thanks!

    Lorie Turner


    1. HI Lorie,

      Yes, I remember meeting you at Table Rock during our back to school camping.

      Basically there is a $5 fee to have a table.
      He may sell his crafting items.
      We hope to have a big turn out of homeschooling families.
      We have some *special* things planned for the children there which I hope to post by Wednesday.
      He/you would pay at the morning of the event before you set up. 🙂

      If you have further questions just let me know. 🙂

      Angela P.


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