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Searching for Scholarship Information?

Believe it or not, there is money out there to be given for scholarship……you just ‘gotta’ do the work to try and receive the FREE monies that is there to be had.

It’s ALWAYS a great idea to start looking at scholarships around the 9th grade. Some scholarships will allow you to apply earlier than you would normally think.

The years will fly by before you know it. Being prepared ahead of time is better than trying to chase the speeding ‘ball of deadlines’ if you are almost through 12th grade.

I have put a list of scholarship resources here on http://www.UCHUpstate.com for your conveniences and ‘search’ pleasure. :p

Go to ‘Homeschool Resources’ tab then choose ‘Scholarship Info.’ 

Or just go here>>>>> http://uchupstate.com/homeschool-resources/scholarship-info/

Hope that helps!!

~Angela P.

Registration period ending soon :p

2-more weeks to register 2014

UCHU-AA Application updated for Single Homeschooling Moms/Dads

It has been brought to my attention that my UCHU-AA application will only allow a potential/interested member to UCHU-AA to submit the application ONLY if there is both a husband and wife’s name within the application. 

The way that the application was set-up would not permit ‘single’ moms or dads to submit an application.

I apologize for this oversight and have made the necessary correction for married AND single homeschooling moms/dads to submit an application for membership into UCHU-AA.


Angela P., UCHU-AA director/administrator

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