About UCHU-Email Support Group

UCHU (United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate) is a CLOSED/PRIVATE Homeschool Support Group designed for *Christian* families who live in Upstate areas of South Carolina.

Free membership into this group can be denied as deemed necessary or valid by the owner/moderator of this group.

We support each other through prayer, a discussion board, classes, events & field trips.

Our discussion board is for Christians-Followers of Christ-Holy Bible believing homeschooling parents discussing various home educating topics.

For example: curriculum thoughts and/or questions, free links to educational sites, upcoming events, laws surrounding homeschooling, promoting shared educational classes, questions a homeschooling parent may need help with, & many other topics dealing with homeschooling, inspirational & uplifting post or scriptures for our journey.

All of the above mentioned and then more….

4 thoughts on “About UCHU-Email Support Group”

  1. Hi! I’m new to Spartanburg and am (lightly) homeschooling my 5 year old daughter. She is a joy to teach! I have another daughter who is 4 years old. :). We are looking to connect to other families with similar aged children. Hope to be meeting some of you soon!

  2. His Jewel (Michelle L.)

    Opportunity to serve for older teens/young adults and adults!! Hope Remains Youth Ranch (which is the ranch I, Michelle LaPrad, work at) has a strong need for mentors !! I have been asked to send this out to our homeschool community in the hope that the Lord will put in on your heart to come and help. It is in Wellford, SC. We are a horse ranch for children (and adults) of various needs and we use horses to minister to those needs. Here is the website to check it out: hoperemains.org The commitment would be as little as once a week or as much as 4 times a week. We are currently offering our after school program for children aged 5-17 from 4-6pm Monday – Thursday. We are looking for people aged approx. 16 – adult. We ESPECIALLY need male mentors! It is a wonderful Christian environment where the Lord works constantly in often miraculous ways 🙂 Training will be provided and I can honestly say that it is a very special place!! Even if you are intimidated by horses but have a heart for kids at risk, please contact us!! you can ask me questions through the email, but the best thing to do is to check out the website. God’s blessings to you all, Michelle LaPrad ~ certified Equine Assisted Therapist and Mentor for Hope Remains Youth Ranch.

  3. His Jewel (Michelle L.)

    I forgot to mention that we will switch to our summer camp program probably at the end of May or beginning of June… that has been 8-10 am M-Th. 🙂

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