UCHU-Email Loop and Support Group

UCHU has both an Email Loop and a Support Group.

The email loop provide a way of staying connected with the homeschooling community electronic.

Getting questions answered.

Getting *how-to* questions answered

Praying for one another


UCHU Support Group

Provides opportunity for the Christian homeschool community to purposely grow in relationship with each.

Living life together.

Going on field trips together.

Purposely getting our children together.

Doing things together.

3 thoughts on “UCHU-Email Loop and Support Group”

  1. Virginia G. (Jenny)

    My name is Virginia G. and I am on the homeschooling group. I would like to become a member of the accountability association next year. What do I need to do to register? Thanks.

    1. Hi Virginia,

      In order to register go to the website at http://www.UCHUpstate.com
      Go to the tab that says “UCHU Accountability Association”
      Then choose ‘Application.’

      I would encourage you to go to FAQ’s which are also located under ‘UCHU Accountability Association.’

      You can complete the application there as well as pay the membership fee through Paypal.
      You will need to have a Paypal account to complete the transaction

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to email me directly. 🙂
      Thank you for considering UCHU-AA.

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