UCHU Field Trip Club FAQ and Cost

UCHU Field Trip Club FAQ’s and CostField trip club logo

Club Membership Cost:

United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited – Accountability Association members club cost:

$25 per student (4 student cap of $100 per family)


Non-United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited – Accountability Association member club cost:

$45 per student (4 student cap of $180 per family)


FAQ’s  for UCHU Field Trip Club

UCHU Field Trip Club FAQs


What does my membership include?

Your Field Trip Club membership will provide NINE quality educational field trip

opportunities. The field trips will be coordinated so that all you have to do is show up!!

*There will be day trips, a couple of overnight or weekend trips and 1 extended trip!

*Educational links and resources will be provided on Pinterest prior to trips to make it easier to incorporate these learning experiences into your homeschool.

*You will also get monthly newsletters with field trip ideas, information about

homeschool days at various destinations, and ideas for using experiential learning in your

daily homeschool.

*You will be able to join a facebook group for members with

reminders and updates on scheduled trips.

*Group members might also use this group to share field trip ideas and experiential learning ideas with each other.

*You will also have the opportunity to earn travel points for participating in our

scheduled trips.

*You can collect these points to use toward some fun surprises at the end

of our upcoming school year.


Are non-members of UCHU Field Trip Club allowed to participate?

At this time, field trips will be for members only. There will be a “Try a Trip” at

the end of the upcoming school year that will be open to non-members to try out and see.


What age groups will benefit from these trips?

Field trips will be planned to focus on grades K-12. Of course some trips will

appeal more to one group or another, but the goal will be to keep it balanced between the

age groups. Most trips will be whole-family friendly, however, some trips may not allow

for small children. Some destinations have rules about non-school aged children for

safety and practical purposes.


Can I opt out of the hotel, meals, transportation, or specific sites on each trip?

We often have to reach minimum numbers to qualify for group discounts, so if

several families opt out of a specific event, group meal, or hotel, then the rest of the

group may be negatively impacted. As applicable, there may be multiple options offered

Fees will cover admission to activities. Depending upon the trip, it may also

cover included meals, transportation, or lodging. This will vary with each trip so you will

need to read trip descriptions for more details.


Can children travel without parents or guardians?

For the safety of your child and others, children should travel with parents. Field

trips will be planned and coordinated, but supervision will be left up to parents. UCHU

Field Trip Club will not be responsible for unattended children.


How do travel points work?

Members will be able to collect travel points for participating in trips throughout the year.  Points awarded will be based on cost of trip.  Bigger trips will be worth more points.  Points available for each trip will be posted with trip descriptions on the UCHU Field Trip Club travel schedule.  There may be opportunities to collect points in other ways, too,  posted on our Facebook member page throughout the year.  Points collected can be traded for surprises at the end of the upcoming school year.  Points will not carry over from one school year to the next.  Families who join prior to July 26, 2016 for the 2016-2017 school year will receive a bonus 25 points.

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