Services Provided and Fees 2016-2017

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Membership Fees are $20.00 a year for a family PLUS $1.00 Paypal transaction fee.

NO matter the size of the family.  🙂


Additional services to be included with UCHU-AA membership fee IF YOU SO DESIRE:

**add Elementary Years packet: $10 per student Kindergarten – 5th grade

(includes report cards for students, one session a year of course planning/mapping)


**add Middle Years packet: $10  per student 6th grade – 8th grade

(includes report cards for students, one session a year of course planning/mapping)


**add High School packet:  $15 per students 9th-12th grade

(Includes transcripts and one session a year of course planning/mapping for graduation)


**add Senior Graduation packet:  $25 per students, rising 12th grade

(includes diploma, graduation ceremony, small reception, not cap/gown)


**add Kindergarten Graduation packet: $10 per student 9th-12th grade

(includes diploma, graduation ceremony, small reception, not cap/gown)


**add UCHU Field Trip packet: $25 per student with a $100 cap (non UCHU-AA members will be $45 per student with a $180 cap)


** SCHEA membership at discount UCHU-AA membership fee for $15 per family


Families will not receive any pro-rated refunds if they: stop homeschooling, change accountability associations or decide not to continue with a particular packet during the homeschooling year.


Registration for membership with UCHU-AA is from June 1  December 31 for new families each homeschooling year


To receive full understanding of UCHU-AA requirements please read the Parent Handbook. Click HERE.  <<<–( click the word *here*)

As a member of UCHU-AA your homeschooling family can expect to receive:

* Third-Option accountability according to Section 59-65-47

*Membership cards (2) providing proof of your homeschooling status unless it is a single parent family.

* An acceptance letter

* Up-to-date information regarding the laws of home educating in our state as we receive those updates and are aware of them

* High School transcripts that are in line with the Commission of Higher Education (parents must provide numerical grades, courses and attendnace by January 15 and May 15 of each high schooling year). You may submit your own transcript as outlined above. (at a fee)

* An UCHU-AA issued high School Diploma (at a fee)

*High School ranking (9th -12th grade).

*A variety of homeschool packages to round out your membership (at a fee)

* Report cards for each child (parents must send in grades at the end of the year) (at a fee)

*DMV letter (no fee)

*Graduation commencement for kindergarten and high school seniors (at a fee)

* Counseling and encouragement as needed along your home educating journey.

* Membership into UCHU-Email Support Group and Faceboo Group


What you can expect from UCHU-AA:

* NO required testing.

* NO requirement of curriculum you must use

*NO request to know what curriculum you are using

* NO requirement of how many hours in a day you must teach

* NO intrusion in your home educating methods

* Our freedoms to be exercised to deny or not except any application for reasons UCHU-AA deems valid


What UCHU-AA expects of its members:

* Compliance withstate requirements according to Section 59-65-47 to include:

– a parent must hold at least a high school diploma or a GED;

– the instructional home educating year is at least 180 days;

– subjects of study includes, but not limited to, reading, writing, math, social studies, and science, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature;

– education records must be maintained by the parent- teacher and include:

– a plan book, diary or other record indicating subjects taught and activities in which the student and parent-teacher engage;

-a portfolio of samples of the student’s academic work; 

*Submit 90 day and 180 day attendance cards as those attendance milestones are reached and

*High School ranking form to be completed by each family by May 31 of each homescholing year with a high school student grades 9th-12th.





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