Services Provided and Fees 2017-2018

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Membership Fees are $20.00 a year for a family PLUS $1.00 Paypal transaction fee.

NO matter the size of the family.  🙂


Additional services to be included with UCHU-AA membership fee IF YOU SO DESIRE:

**add Elementary Years packet: $10 per student Kindergarten – 5th grade

(includes report cards for students, one session a year of course planning/mapping)


**add Middle Years packet: $10  per student 6th grade – 8th grade

(includes report cards for students, one session a year of course planning/mapping)


**add High School packet:  $15 per students 9th-12th grade

(Includes transcripts and one session a year of course planning/mapping for graduation)


**add Senior Graduation packet:  $25 per students, rising 12th grade

(includes diploma, graduation ceremony, small reception, not cap/gown)


**add Kindergarten Graduation packet: $10 per student 9th-12th grade

(includes diploma, graduation ceremony, small reception, not cap/gown)

Families will not receive any pro-rated refunds if they: stop homeschooling, change accountability associations or decide not to continue with a particular packet during the homeschooling year.


Registration for membership with UCHU-AA is from June 1  December 31 for new families each homeschooling year


To receive full understanding of UCHU-AA requirements please read the Parent Handbook. Click HERE.  <<<–( click the word *here*)

As a member of UCHU-AA your homeschooling family can expect to receive:

* Third-Option accountability according to Section 59-65-47

*Membership cards (2) providing proof of your homeschooling status unless it is a single parent family.

* An acceptance letter via email

* Up-to-date information regarding the laws of home educating in our state as we receive those updates and are aware of them

* High School transcripts that are in line with the Commission of Higher Education (parents must provide numerical grades and courses May 31 of each high schooling year). 

* An UCHU-AA issued high School Diploma (at a fee)

*High School ranking (9th -12th grade) if I complete your student’s transcript.

*A variety of homeschool packages to round out your membership (at a fee)

* Report cards for each child (parents must send in grades at the end of the year) (at a fee)

*DMV letter (no fee) Your acceptance letter serve as your DMV letter

*Graduation commencement for kindergarten and high school seniors (at a fee)

* Counseling and encouragement as needed along your home educating journey.

* Membership into UCHU-Email Support Group and Facebook Group


What you can expect from UCHU-AA:

* NO required testing.

* NO requirement of curriculum you must use

*NO request to know what curriculum you are using

* NO requirement of how many hours in a day you must teach

* NO intrusion in your home educating methods

* Our freedoms to be exercised to deny or not except any application for reasons UCHU-AA deems valid


What UCHU-AA expects of its members:

* Compliance withstate requirements according to Section 59-65-47 to include:

– a parent must hold at least a high school diploma or a GED;

– the instructional home educating year is at least 180 days;

– subjects of study includes, but not limited to, reading, writing, math, social studies, and science, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature;

– education records must be maintained by the parent- teacher and include:

– a plan book, diary or other record indicating subjects taught and activities in which the student and parent-teacher engage;

-a portfolio of samples of the student’s academic work; 

*Submit 90 day and 180 day attendance cards as those attendance milestones are reached and

*High School ranking form to be completed by each family by May 31 of each homescholing year with a high school student grades 9th-12th.





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