Form Requests/Attendance Cards

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The below services are available for the current members of UCHU-AA.

Click the link in which you are desiring a form.

UCHU-AA 90/180 Day Attendance Cards

(Attendance Cards for 2017-2018 year: MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL MEMBERS)


UCHU-AA Senior Graduation Package/Diploma Request

UCHU-AA DMV Homeschooling Letter

UCHU-AA Transcripts Form 2017-2018

UCHU-AA Report Cards 2017-2018

(Ranking forms: MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL 9TH-12TH GRADE STUDENTS BY MAY 31. This is not a transcript. No fee is required. This is class ranking. Students not completing a ranking form by May 31 of each homeschooling year will receive a 2.0 on the UCHU-AA ranking form.) 


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