UCHU Email Support Group seeks to not only be:

A  group of Christian-Followers of Christ educating our children in community,

Being an information resource,

OR  a’ go to’ for purchasing or selling of curriculum;

BUT we also seek to grow in community with one another by doing things together.

Having Fun! Making Memories! Building Relationships!

UCHU Email Support Group, with  400 families who are members expanding across the Upstate of SC and NC, plan field trips, outings, play dates, develop various clubs, dances, co-ops, and the like.

Being such an active group, we need a location that lists and displays the events going on from week to week.

And HERE is where we do it!

Our events and happenings page is password protected as not to compromise our events/happenings together to the general public. Only UCHU members are permitted to enter that particular website page.

*********  NOTE  *********

UCHU Email Support Group members must contact Angela, the owner/moderator of UCHU Email Support Group to receive the password. 🙂

3 thoughts on “About UCHU Email Support Group – Events & Happenings

  1. I cannot figure out how to access this, I tried the pw provided on the FB page, but I don’t even see anywhere to enter it on this page?


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