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Susan Blackwell is a Special Needs Consultant for Families. She has is partnering with UCHU  and is available for curriculum counseling, 504 plans (IEP in public school lingo) and testing. She also can make referrals for psychological evaluations, help implement accommodations in the daily school routine, as well as provide practical assistance to parents for their students.

Susan Blackwell graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education, and continued working toward her Master’s degree at Bob Jones University and USC. After teaching in a Christian school, she home schooled her 3 children, one of which has Special Needs. In the 18 years of homeschooling, Susan began testing homeschool groups and individuals in various places across the state in grades K through 12 with Standardized testing, as well as tests for Special Needs children.

Susan is an Independent Consultant for families with Special Needs children across the country and continues to provide consulting and testing services for all homeschooled students K through 12. Susan is also able to connect families with experienced curriculum counselors for all homeschooled students on the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels.

You may contact Susan on her website, by email,, or by phone 803.429.3899 Visit Susan’s website at


I look forward to working with any of your families that may need my assistance. I have a special needs child myself, so I know the anxiety and challenges that come to homeschooling these children.

Thanks for your consideration.

Susan Blackwell

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