Learning Disabilities – Homeschooling

There are numerous reasons for deciding to homeschool your children. One of the rising and heartfelt reasons I have seen is that of parents seeking to provide a ‘better’ schooling experience for their child(ren) with learning disabilities or learning differences.

For the past 12-years I have actively worked to ensure the homeschooling community is a communal home for families of children with special needs.

With United Community of Homeschooling Unlimited (UCHU) the services I provide to ensure that you feel equipped, apart and knowledgeable while home educating your student with learning disabilities or learning differences is by providing:

  • A learning disability consultant with decades of expertise in homeschooling special needs, Susan Blackwell.
  • A Facebook page for families homeschooling in the Upstate with Special Needs
  • Certificate of Attendance once your student completes their homeschool studies

At one point I operated and directed a homeschool co-op that purposefully comprised of about 40% students with learning disabilities/learning differences on some level.

It was very rewarding.

The co-op was a STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics.) focus. These ares of study does not require the student to be limited due to their learning disabilities/learning differences.

Having a son who is on the spectrum I know the challenges and frustrations and joys of homeschooling a child with learning challenges. These challenges can be lovingly overcome and found to be assets to the journey.

Welcome to the journey of homeschooling your learning disabilities/learning different student(s).

Peace and Blessings.

Serving You and Yours.

Angela Fafali Nyarko

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