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    1. There’s not an actual debate about this subject or there shouldn’t be a debate because from some scholarships the student *must* have a class ranking. Not only that some scholarships only will allow the ranking to be done through the accountability association that the student is a member of. Some scholarships only need to see a specific score on the SAT or ACT and no class ranking in order to qualify.

      Each requirement for scholarship is different. You just have to know ahead of time what scholarship you are interested in applying for your student then follow through with their requirement.

      Of course a parent can give a class ranking of *1 of 1* but depending on the scholarship or financial aid assistance you are trying to attain for your student they may require more than that OR that may be just enough.

      My thoughts are that you just have to abide by and follow protocol for whichever scholarship you desire. If SAT or ACT scholars are not high enough and class rank from an association is required then I say to be sure to join an accountability association that does class ranking.

      Yes, class ranking can be very subjective because each homeschool uses different rigor of curriculum and a grade of *A* in one curriculum may not be equivalent to an *A* grade in another curriculum just because the rigor is different. So it’s not a perfect measuring stick but it’s a requirement that’s out there right now for homeschoolers to follow or use *when* required and needed.

      Does that clarify?

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