The Homeschool Upstart Journal – South Carolina Option 3 Record Keeping

Option 3 Law requires that you maintain records:

  1. Daily journal of work completed and activities engaged in.
  2. Bi-annual progress report.
  3. Maintain a portfolio.
  4. Maintain daily attendance.

If you were to ever be audited or if your student were to return to school you will have to present your record keeping.

In an effort to make the required record keeping as easy and doable as possible I have created an Option 3 record keeping journal for you to purchase.

There are two different types of journals to choose from.

1st Allows for record keeping for ONE student.
2nd Allows for record keeping for up to FOUR students.
3rd Allows for electronic records, use for multiple children, use for multiple homeschool years)

Purchase your journals which are on Amazon authored by Angela Fafali Nyarko.

1st Option: Record keeping journal for 1-student: (book)

2nd Option: Record keeping journal for up to 4-students: (book)

3rd Option: PDF Format (electronic record keeping, use for multiple children, use for multiple years, save on your computer)

UCHU 90 day/180 day Attendance Card

UCHU Members……
The 90 day and 180 day attendance cards should be completed once you’ve reached 90 days of homeschooling and again once you’ve reached 180 days of homeschooling.

These attendance cards can be found on page two of your membership package.

Below is the link to complete your 90 day/180 day attendance card.