Be what you want to See

I have heard this phrase numerous times and in various ways.

Put out the good you want to get back.

Show others how you want them to treat you.

Be the light in the world you want to see in the dark.

If you want your kid to behave a certain way, then model that behavior.

For the most part I didn’t think much about this phrase until I had kids. I am sure you have all noticed that the one thing a kid will mimic or copy from you is the one thing you do not want them to. The hands on their hips. The smart mouth come backs. The cuss words (for those who let them occasionally slip). Even the state of their bedroom is a reflection of yours. And it drives you nuts. They watch us and reflect what they see back.


One of my kids is a master procrastinator, everything can wait till later and nothing needs to be done right now. He can put off Continue reading “Be what you want to See”

Speak Life

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I want to encourage you all today to always speak positive words and have positive thoughts toward your homeschool journey. What you say and think about your children, your teaching abilities, and your home all play a major role in your success this school year. You can not expect to have excellence if you are constantly speaking mediocrity.



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Why is Writing so Difficult

I personally love to write.

I write poems

I write short stories

I write short stories in a poem format

I learned to love the act of writing in middle school.

I have had the hardest time teaching the same thing to my kids.


My kids do wonderfully with narration. They can retell a story or a movie very well and with enthusiasm. They remember every plot twist, every funny moment, and every sad situation of the book or movie. If you ask them to write it down though, it is the end of the world. Fussing,

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Curriculum That’s Easy Peasy!

Ok. So, I’m not very versed on curriculum, but I wanted to share my experience with the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool curriculum. We had our first child go through kindergarten last year, and this year we have a first grader, two kindergartners, and a host of toddlers and preschoolers (Lol). clarissa-watson-jAebodq7oxk-unsplash

I created my own curriculum last year with our first. I loved it. I found everything for free online or used things I had gathered during my time in graduate school and while working in childcare. I was able to flow freely into any subject matter I wanted without feeling bound by a script or someone else’s objectives. I was free to leave an area of study if it were time to move on or stay in that area until we mastered it. 

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Do You Know How to Juggle??

My youngest is interested in robotics.

My older boy is into chemical reactions.

My daughter wants to learn about animal behavior.

Each of these individually can be extremely challenging to teach. Robotics starts with simple machines, progresses to more complex mechanisms, and then adds in electronic components. I have a basic understanding of the first one of those but chemical reactions are beyond me. I know the

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Clear Your Mind of Clutter

Last week, I talked about clearing the clutter from your home. But that’s not the only place you can clean up in your existence. You can also take time to clear the clutter in your mind and spirit. kristina-v-c77dIthd_Tk-unsplash

See, we want to hold on to EVERYTHING in our lives, especially us mommas. We want to fix every problem and rescue every victim. Every child’s struggle is ours and every family member’s plight is our own. We want to do it all. There’s an ever increasing list of projects to do around the house. And let’s not even talk about all the stuff we hope to incorporate into our homeschool. We also carry things emotionally that clutter our minds and spirits. Whether it’s a recent upset or a past lost, there are just some things we can’t seem to let go.

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UCHU’s September 2019 E-Newsletter just flew to your inbox!!

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UCHU’s September 2019 E-Newsletter just flew to your inbox!!

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Lot’s good good information!! (I think so anyways. ((smile))

Serving You and Yours,

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PSAT is right around the corner. Get your students signed up.

Many people think that the PSAT is the practice testing for the SAT.

However, PSAT is the preliminary scholastic achievement test. And it is very important to be taken doing the 11th grade year of high school students for consideration of the national merit scholarship.

Get your 10th grader and definitely your 11th graders signed up for this year’s PSAT testing.

The PSAT is conducted on the same day all over the

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My youngest/only child wont stop acting like a baby!

I am like any other mom in that it drives me crazy how you can blink and your kids are no longer babies. They grow up way to fast! But when your ten year old can turn on the tears or lose their their temper like a three year old and they see nothing wrong with it, there is an issue.

I have spoken to other parents and it has been confirmed, this is a common phenomenon with a select group of kids. These kids are either the only child or the youngest and they do not seem to grow up.


Ok, obviously they do grow up some.

They learn new skills

They start enjoying toys and games for older kids.

They are even

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