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If you remember at the start of the 2019-2020 homeschool year I mentioned that UCHU’s website would have guest bloggers who are current members of UCHU. 

Well…..I want to give them BOTH a BIG SHOUT OUT!!


Naja Coles (pic left) and Joy (her blogger name) (pic right)  
has done an awesome job posting every

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Quote me on That

I occasionally have the privilege of sitting in on standard classes (I am in school working on an education degree) and while in the classes I often see quotes hanging in the classrooms or in the hallways. Quotes are also used during lessons and students would even share some with me. This got me thinking.


What quotes stand out to my own kids?

I remember being in school and hearing so many quotes but my favorites were by Albert Einstien. One such quote stated, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” As a child,

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It Isn’t Just Dirt

This month I will be talking all about gardening. The days are getting longer, and Spring will soon be here. It’s time to start thinking about and planting our gardens.

I’m not an expert gardener by any means. I am learning so much as I go along though. I previously thought you just put a seed in the ground and it grew lots of fruit. Now I realize I was so wrong. There are things that I’m learning will make the difference between a good harvest and no harvest.

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Teaching Love

What would the month of February be without love? The two are forever interconnected thanks to Valentine’s Day. In our home, we do not make a big deal out of the day but rather use it to springboard lessons on compassion and empathy for others throughout the month. This year, our lessons have been more on what love is and what it is not.


But what is love?

This question is one that has been asked many times over the history of man but we are not trying to go that deep into what love is. I want

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Stop Teaching Black History

I don’t like to bring up controversial issues because I’m not for confrontation at all. However, this month for me has brought an elephant into the room that I need to address. That elephant is Black History Month.

I do not like the idea that my history should be separated from the history of this country (and the world for that matter) and only mentioned one month a year. I think it’s absurd to limit Black History to a few key figures in our recent history, and then our history is put back on the shelf until next year. This bothers me.

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Finding a Rhythm for my School Day

I have mentioned before in a previous post that we do not have a set schedule for our school day. This is not to say that I haven’t tried. I remember when my kids were in lower elementary grades and I was trying to manage visual therapy sessions, three kids (two of them temperamental twins), household work (to include repairs), the hubby’s civilian work and school plus military things he needed help with and school my kids.

I very much wanted a set schedule. 


At one point I created a specific schedule of when exactly school

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Learning while on Vacation

Last week, we went out of town. We had a great time visiting family and friends. The kids loved spending time with their grandparents, and we enjoyed the change in scenery. One thing I decided to do this trip was have a few days of school while we were there. It turned out to be fun and productive.


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UCHU's Monthly Virtual Homeschool Mastermind Meeting is TODAY! 2.13.20 at 1 p.m.

Hi All!!

Today is our monthly Virtual Homeschool Mastermind Meeting for February.

The details and link has been sent to your email inbox that you have on record. You can dial in by phone to listen in on the meeting or you can log in by computer with or without your camera to be in the meeting.

Today’s conversation will center around:
State Testing, Standardized Testing at Home, Various Types of Testing

Of course, you can ask other questions or receive help in other areas of focus as needed. This is YOUR Mastermind Meeting.

See you then!

Serving You and Yours,


What I hear a lot: Why didn’t you just ask?

There are many things that I hear a lot and some of them are said by the same people or only certain people say certain things. The one I am going to focus on is one I am sure you have heard.

Why didn’t you just ask?


This can be said in connection with our personal life:

-need a babysitter short notice

-need advice on how to deal with

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