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UCHU -AA (United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited) serves its families with various groups. Non-Members of UCHU-AA are welcome to join at $10 yearly fee (July 1 – July, no pro-ration is provided).

As a NON-MEMBER you are welcome to remain a member of another one of my fellow Option 3 Accountability Associations YET take advantage of the various services in which UCHU-AA provides. 🙂

Thank you for your consideration. It will be the delight of UCHU Coordinators and myself to serve you.

You are welcome to join by completing the application below:

click here —> Non Member Application <— click here

Click on the above blue link for application


UCHU groups:
UCHU Homeschool support website tab

with UCHU Family and Angela Jordan Perry moderating

The purpose of UCHU Homeschool Support Group is to provide support to families with focuses of homeschool questions, guidance, encouragement, direction, insights, creative homeschooling needs and the like.

UCHU Let's Eat Website tab

Moderator: Gwen Reynolds

*UCHU Let’s Eat:

A Facebook page for homeschooling families to discuss creative breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. Homeschooling Moms are always looking for new menus, creative food options, healthy eating resources, good deals and sales that’s out there for us to take advantage of. Share pics of your meals, make videos of your creative food making….Be creative. But make our mouths water!!!


UCHU politics webpage

*UCHU Politics:
A Facebook page for homeschooling families to discuss, learn and be educated on the happenings of politics in our community and country. Discuss at your own risk.

Field trip club logo

With Amanda Sanford

This is not the MEMBER group. There is a separate Field Trip Club for MEMBERS ONLY!

Reminders and information about upcoming UCHU Field Trip Club trips, as well as a place to share fun field trip and experiential learning opportunities.

FB Pic5 Updated

With Misty Medlin

A Facebook page for homeschooling families to sale any desired items or to promote their businesses.

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