Here you will find:
Homeschool Encouragement Sites
Homeschool Sites for purchasing your curriculum (new or used)
Homeschool Sites regarding home educating in SC
Homeschool Sites for success along the journey
Preparing for College in Our state
Homeschooling Curriculum

Twelve Dozen places to educate yourself for FREE!!

Geography Resources:
101 Websites Every Elementary Parent and Home Educator Should Have

High School Work Credit/Job Description Form
306 hours = 1 credit

A high school student may work in a variety of capacities: volunteer, apprentice, paid position, etc. … but in order to receive credits counted toward a diploma, he must document the number of hours worked. It is recommended that prior to or as soon as employment begins, the student have a written agreement with the supervisor who will train, oversee and evaluate the student on a periodic basis and be willing to give a written evaluation.
According to SCDE Regulations, 306 work hours = 1 credit.

How to Calculate GPA:


Palmetto Fellows Requirements:

College Prep Requirements:
Note that these are note requirements that MUST be maintained by homeschoolers. These are requirements to be maintained by ANY student (homeschool, public or private student) that is college bound.

Options 3 Accountability Associations in our state

Preparing for College in State:
Uniform Grading Scale for Our state
Homeschooling Families with high schoolers will need to follow this grading scale

Information on the ACT:

Information on SAT, PSAT, AP or CLEP
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Information on Dual Credit and so much  more:


Computer Science online course ideas (there are about 20 listed):


Kahn Academy

Free Lapbooks
Math resources


Listing of Math Curriculum and reviews

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