AUCHU’s Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Welcome and thank you for your membership consideration for A United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited, LLC!!


Updated 2023


Excerpt from AUCHU 2023=2024 Parent Handbook

How long have AUCHU-AA been serving the homeschooling community of SC?

2014-2015 school year will be our first year providing services for the homeschool community at such affordable pricing! I see my services to the homeschool community as a ‘labor of love’ and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family along your homeschooling journey under Option 3- Section 59.65.47.

When will my membership cards be emailed out to me?

Membership cards along with your AUCHU-AA acceptance letter will be EMAILED out on the 1st or 15th of the month AFTER membership fees have been received and processed. They will not be MAILED to you. If you become a member of AUCHU-AA on the 20th of the month, you can expect your membership cards and membership letter to be mailed out on the 1st of the following month.

What is the registration period to become a member of AUCHU-AA?

AUCHU-AA’s registration will be open from August 1 until the last day of  July 31 each homeschooling year. Basically membership is available year around. 

How many membership cards will I receive?

Each AUCHU-AA member will receive two (2) membership cards. One is provided for each parent/guardian of the homeschooling student(s). If there is a single parent then the parent’s name will appear on both cards OR if there is a high school student the other card will have the high school student’s name on the 2nd membership card.

Must I live in the Upstate to be eligible for membership with AUCHU-AA?

You do NOT have to be a resident of the Upstate area to be eligible for membership with AUCHU-AA. You must be a resident of South Carolina for membership eligibility with AUCHU-AA. AUCHU-AA serves members all over the state of South Carolina.

I am excited and I  want to homeschool my children, what must I do to get the ball rolling?

First know the expectations that are set for a ‘desiring’ home educator.

1. Choose which homeschooling option for the state of South Carolina that you would like to homeschool under. There is Option 1, Option 2 or Option 3. AUCHU-AA is an Option 3 homeschool association. Start by reading this link.

2. If you choose to homeschool under Option three of Homeschooling Law 59-65-47 (which most homeschoolers choose), then ensure that the parent-educator or legal guardian holds a high school diploma, GED or higher per the above law Section 59-65-47.

3. Join an association A United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited (AUCHU) to began homeschooling legally in South Carolina.

4. If your child(ren) is/are in public school submit withdrawal paperwork along with your association membership letter once you officially become a member with AUCHU.

5. Then commit to abiding by the laws laid out in Third Option Homeschool Law 59-5-47.

Why is AUCHU-AA not accepting *NEW* families with rising 12th grade students for the current homeschooling to the association?

It is my desire to be able to have one FULL year with the student in the association before submitting a 12 grade transcript or have that student included in the class rankings.

So with that said, families that are new to AUCHU-AA may join if their homeschool student(s) are 9th, 10th or 11th BUT NOT 12th grade within the current homeschooling year.

Additionally, to ensure that ranking order does not drastically change for current members of AUCHU-AA who has students that are 11th and 12th grade, no new members with rising 11th nor 12th graders for the current homeschooling year is permitted.

What month must AUCHU-AA membership be renewed?

In the month of May each year you will be sent a reminder email regarding your membership renewal for the up and coming school year. Homeschool families who are legally homeschooling under the auspices of AUCHU can begin renewing for the new year as soon as May but definitely before July 31 which is when membership expires. Open registration for non-members of AUCHU is year around.

I don’t live in the Upstate. Can I still become a member of AUCHU-AA?

Families all over South Carolina can register with AUCHU. Families do not have to life in the Upstate area where AUCHU is located in order to receive legal homeschooling status.

The Option of a one full year membership payment of $140 or $70 of families WITH ONLY  K- 5th grade students vs. monthly membership of $13 a month from Aug. 1 – July 1 are available to AUCHU-AA members. 

If a monthly membership is chosen then members will automatically receive a monthly invoice to satisfy and their new monthly membership letter will arrive in their inbox. Monthly membership payments will have month to month membership status. Monthly members will have access and privileges of yearly pay members EXCEPT for transcripts/report cards will only be provided if membership with AUCHU-AA was longer than a SIX MONTH PERIOD. 

If A NEW MEMBER register with AUCHU in the months of March – July of the current year monthly payment options is not available. You’ll have to pay full tuition for the year.

Can I mail in a check or money order since I do not use Paypal, Venmo, Zelle nor CashApp?

Yes, you may choose to mail in a check or money order. This option is on the application for membership but only for full year membership payment ($140 or $70 of families with ONLY K- 5th grade students.) Once your money order/check is received and your application is approved your membership approval will be processed. Money order payment is not available to month-to-month membership option UNLESS special approval has been given.

What services will you provide other than third option accountability?

Membership Includes:

*Membership acceptance letter

*DMV letter

*Membership cards (2)

*High School class ranking

*Palmetto Fellows scholarship paperwork completion for qualified students

Yearly *Transcript completion that are in-line with Commission of Higher Educations requirements (additional years in one schooling year on transcript is additional)

*Yearly report card (the current year report card will be completed)

*Entrance into AUCHU’s Community Discord

*Monthly Virtual Mastermind Meetings

*AUCHU Monthly Newsletter

*Individual Coaching/Consultation Session (fee)

*Yearly Homeschool Individualized Graduation Planning (6th-12 grade)

*Update -to-Date information regarding the laws of homeschooling in SC as they occur

*AUCHU-AA Graduation Diploma/Certificate of Attendance/Technical Certificate (fee)

*1-on-1 Consultation/Coaching Session (fee)

*Access to Member Digital Library

*Monthly Workshops

*15 min phone or fb video sessions with Angela Fafali as needed. Access to her personal virtual calendar at

Additional services to be included with AUCHU-AA membership fee:

**Senior Graduation Diploma:  $25 per students, rising 12th grade

**Kindergarten Graduation packet: $15 per student 

**Diplomas are available for all grade levels at cost

Families will not receive any pro-rated refunds if they: stop homeschooling, change accountability associations or decide not to continue with a particular packet.

**1-on-1 1 hr. Coaching/Consultation Fee $70

**Membership Expedited service, 1 business day, $20

What is third option accountability?

In our state homeschoolers are required to fall under ONE of the THREE spheres of homeschooling to be considered compliant with the state Law. Third option homeschooling Section 59-65-47 is the least invasive and many homeschoolers prefer this option.

I’ve heard the terminology of  “homeschooling umbrella.” Is this the same as ‘accountability association?’

Normally when homeschoolers are talking about accountability association you will hear terminology such as ‘umbrella’, ‘homeschooling covering’, ‘homeschool association’ to all be making reference of  ‘homeschooling accountability association” which is required for third options homeschooling families to be members of.

To join AUCHU-AA do I have to cancel my  membership at the other  association I am a part of?

Each homeschooling family should be members under ONE association. Each association by Third option homeschooling law is required to report the number and grade level of children home schooled through the association to the children’s respective school districts  by January 30 of the current school year. If you were to be members of more than one association then the reported numbers would be doubled.

If you are currently a member of another association yet desire to have UCHU-AA become your accountability association, simply submit your application and fees to AUCHU-AA.

Although it’s not necessary it certainly would be a kind gesture to inform your current association that you will be moving your choice of third-option accountability membership to another.

At what  point am I considered a member of AUCHU-AA?

Once your application and fees are received and ACCEPTED your membership is affirmed from the day in which you applied.

How do I withdraw my student from public schooling to now being home educated under third option with AUCHU-AA as my accountability association?

You will want to submit your application and membership fees to AUCHU-AA to  become a member. After which inform your school of your intent to homeschool under Option 3 with A United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited – Accountability Association (AUCHU-AA). Present them with your membership letter. Some schools will have required paperwork for you to complete in order to withdraw your student. Usually the withdrawal process is simple and easy.

If I have a child that is 9th-12th grade why must I submit numerical grades for ranking ?

In the past the completion of ranking forms were required with AUCHU-AA.

Now that transcripts are included in membership a separate ranking form is NOT required.

Students will still be ranked by grade levels (9th-12th grades) but this determination will be based on their transcripts.

Remember…..If you’d like AUCHU-AA to complete your student’s transcript there is a May 31 deadline for submission to AUCHU-AA. 

What if I, as the parent/teacher, do not desire for my child to be added to AUCHU-AA’s ranking report?

AUCHU-AA does not require that you complete a ranking form as of 2018-2019 homeschooling year. Your membership with AUCHU-AA includes transcript completion. Any parent/teacher that does not submit numerical grades for their students while in either the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grades for a transcript completion while a member of AUCHU-AA that student will receive a 2.0 gpa that will be filed on AUCHU-AA’s ranking report submission to Commissioner of Higher Education (CHE). This 2.0 gpa may certainly be higher than what the student could have. But failure to submit the grades within the specified deadline period as set forth by AUCHU-AA will ultimately result in a 2.0 gpa which will allow for a fully complete ranking report by AUCHU-AA.

This 2.0 does not mean this is their official GPA. It simply means I have to report something to CHE due to the absence of their transcript completion.

Is it true that now South Carolina has changed over to a 10 point Grading Scale from a 7-point grading scale?

Yes, this is true. As of August 2016 middle school and high school should begin using the 10 point grading scale for the SC Uniform Grading Scale. Click HERE to print off this new grading scale.

Will the past years of GPA have to be changed over to the 10 point Grading Scale?

For now past years will remain under the *old* SC Uniform Grading Scale. All grades from August 2016 onward will fall under the new SC Uniform Grading Scale. Any updates will be provided to families in the monthly AUCHU-AA newsletter. 

I have questions. When and how can I contact you?

My office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. You may email me at anytime or schedule a day and time that works best for you from my personal virtual schedule at

Also, a quick and short text is okay to send at any time as well. I tend to respond to texts quickly. 864.300.2236

I generally will respond to your contact on those office days and during those office hours. If not, I will do so on the following office hours.

My student is not receiving academic graduation status but is receiving only a proof of attendance graduation status because he/she has special needs/learning delay. With this in mind must I still submit numerical grades for my student for AUCHU-AA’s ranking report each homeschool year as well as the current homeschool year?

If your student has special needs/learning delays and thus will be receiving a certificate of attendance for graduation the student does not have to have any numerical grades submitted during their years in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade while they are members of AUCHU-AA.

What exactly is the required submission of a 90 day and 180 day attendance card?

The 90 and 180 day attendance cards are to be submitted once each family has reached these milestones within the homeschooling year. 90 days will usually indicate the mid-way point of your current homeschooling year and the attendance card must be completed.

180 day will usually indicate the end of your current homeschooling year and the attendance card must be completed at that time..

How do I complete and turn in the 90 day and 180 attendance card?

On page 2 of your membership package you will find the link to the 90 day and 180 day attendance card.

Or you may click HERE to go directly to the 90/180 Attendance card form.

Why must I complete a 90 day and 180 day attendance card?

The purpose of the 90 day and 180 day attendance card is to provide accountability of keeping and maintaining proper attendance for each of your homeschooling students. Additionally, if legal action against you requires additional proof of homeschooling, I can provide your submitted information.

Will AUCHU-AA be responsible for keeping me informed of the Commission on Higher Education’s (or CHE) requirements for state funded scholarships or must I stay abreast of this information?

Because the Commission on Higher Education’s requirements for the various state funded scholarships change continually it is the parent’s responsibility to stay informed by checking with the Commission on Higher Education for updates and changes to their policy or requirements. You may stay informed by visiting frequently the Commission on Higher Education’s website at

If I am just becoming a member of AUCHU-AA and my student is an incoming 9th grader must I submit a transcript or numerical grades to AUCHU-AA?

Yes, all students in 9th,10th, 11th or 12th grade that are current members of AUCHU-AA or just joining AUCHU-AA in 9th,10th, 11th or 12th grade years must submit numerical grades to be added into AUCHU-AA’s ranking policy rather they plan to apply for a state funded scholarship or not to be submitted by the deadline date of May 31 of the current homeschooling year.

Having all students in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grades that are members of AUCHU-AA or becoming a new member of AUCHU-AA submit numerical grades to AUCHU-AA will help to satisfy any possible requirements set by Commission on Higher Education or college/universities that may be in place for students regarding ranking and consideration to possibly qualify or receive a state funded scholarship.

Will UCHU-AA help me find scholarships for my students as we are members of AUCHU-AA?

No. AUCHU-AA will not help any of its current members find scholarships for their students to attend college/universities/technical schools/online university or classes or the like. This is the sole responsibility of the parent/teacher to search, find and/or obtain information or scholarship applications for their student for any funding towards college.

What assistance will AUCHU-AA provide to its members children in 9th,10th, 11th or 12th grades who are in the process of applying for state funded scholarships?

AUCHU-AA will handle this on a case by case basis. Normally, however, assistance will be given to those families that have students in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades that qualify for LIFE Scholarship or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships according to requirements outlined by Commission on Higher Education. Scholarship applications beyond the above mentioned scholarships: Life Scholarship or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships that require assistance may or may not be granted and will be done so on a case by case basis if assistance is granted. This consideration will be solely up to the director of AUCHU-AA.

What/Who is HSLDA and why is there information about them for membership on AUCHU-AA’s application process?

HSLDA stands for Home School Legal Defense Association. HSLDA’s primary goal has remained the same—to bring together a large number of homeschooling families so that each can have a low-cost method of obtaining quality legal defense.

Will you offer graduations for students of AUCHU-AA?

While AUCHU does not offer formal graduation ceremonies for the various grade levels, AUCHU has partnered with Legacy Builders Homeschool Associates to participate in their yearly graduations. Legacy Builders Homeschool Associates offers graduation for Kindergarten, 5th graders, 8th graders and Seniors. You can learn more here:

Do you provide student IDs?

No, I do not provide student IDs. You can search google to find where you may have one made. Or you can make one yourself.

Must my children  undergo any state or nation wide testing in order for our family to be members with AUCHU-AA?

NO! No, testing is required by AUCHU-AA. Additionally, testing is not required under third option home schooling state law. I feel that this is up to the parent-teacher if they desire to test their children or not.

Are there any other methods of payments AUCHU-AA will accept for membership?

AUCHU-AA  accepts Paypal payments, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App payments and Money Orders at this time. 

What is the purpose of a DMV letter which is something that is provided with membership to AUCHU-AA?

In order for students to receive their driver’s permit, the DMV requires a letter or contract from the homeschooling student’s association.

Usually AUCHU-AA’s membership acceptance letter that you will receive as a member does suffice for what DMV is requiring. If not, just submit a request form indicating your need for a DMV letter.  We will be happy to get it to you in the mail or fax it out to you right away. **See “Forms Request” page

I live in NC, am I required to join an association? NO! Although AUCHU-AA is so close to the NC border, NC homeschoolers have differing standards and laws that govern their home education.