Earn an Income at Home

Are you interested in earning an income while homeschooling your child(ren)?

One of my GREATEST JOYS in this world is helping homeschooling Moms (Dads) not only figure out how to homeschool  successfully and legally in the state of SC but ALSO how to add income to their normally ONE INCOME homeschooling family.

Young Living has been the biggest blessing for my family!


How to start:

If the thought of growing a business at home has ever been a consideration for you, I REALLY encourage you to reach out to me!

I will provide you with everything you need to succeed in this business. If you are not a salesperson, that’s great! We are not about that.

We are about loving and sharing a products you are passionate about!

Anyways, read the following information and reach out to me or email me at AngelaJordanPerryYL@gmail.com.

If you want to chat more in depth I’d like to do that too!

I would be so delighted to have you join my team full of homeschooling Moms. Let’s do this together.




Can you imagine…..?

bringing home an extra income while working from home

firing your husbands boss

retiring your husband to be home with you and the children

having fun and making memories together as a family all the day long

paying for your children’s college education

becoming debt free

building unbelievable busines relationships with your team members

traveling with those you love the most

helping others in a variety of ways

being a leader of your own business team.

As a team the above are things that we are working towards as a team and are in various stages of reaching these goals.


The Products:

To begin, the greatest of importance is that you are getting a superior brand essential oils into you and your family’s lives. Our family uses Young Living essential oils, the world leaders in essential oils. With over 21 years providing high quality essential oils and essential oil infused products no other company can compare. www.YoungLiving.com

Our company’s vision is to bring essential oils into every home in the world.

Our mission in part is to inspire individuals to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.


What Makes Us Different:

All essential oils are NOT created equal. The level of purity and quality is determined by the company’s care from the point of choosing the seeds, the soil used for planting the seed, to the harvesting methods, distillation process (extracting the oil from the raw material), quality testing for oil potency and bottling procedures.

Our propriety and trademarked Seed to Seal® process is what stands head and shoulders above all other essential oils companies.

As a homeschooler I know you pride yourself in the direct care of your children, keeping them away from harmful chemicals, not allowing them to be subject to pesticides and giving them the most natural/organic way of life that you can.


Comp Plan & Bonuses:

Our compensation plan is really unique unto itself and like no other. To learn more and see for yourself go to youngliving.com/ids 

Young Living’s comp plan has nine different ranks within our company.  If work towards the next rank each year, in nine years you will be making beyond what you’d ever imagine you could.  Look at the above compensation form again.

Young Living is such a generous company. There are different levels of bonuses available at each rank.


Residual income:

If you truly understand residual income, you will go after it and never look back, residual income is income that keeps coming whether you are working or not. In network marketing you grow and work as a team. When you need to take a season away, that team is still there and so is the paycheck. Which is a HUGE blessing for a ONE income homeschooling family which most of us are.



Meanwhile……. homeschool Mom/Dad listen to the below audio of a homeschooling Mom of SEVEN CHILDREN. Sandi Watkins is in the same profession and industry as my business team and I. She discovered how to build a business, stay home, homeschool and build the financial freedom of her dreams.

You will be blown away.

Sandi Watkins interview on MLM Nation with Simon Chan


Join me weekly on a conference call where I share the Young Living business with you:
Angela's social me-dia banner Tuesday.jpg

Also, look at what Young Living has to offer you.

As a continued service to you and your family I look forward to helping you get started building your own business. Earning a residule from the comforts of your homeschooling home.

Let’s do this together!

Serving You and Yours,

Angela UCHU website pic

Angela Jordan Perry, Young Living Member #1709271



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