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Schedule your 15-minute Complimentary Homeschool Discovery Call or 1 hr. Coaching/Consultation call at nominal fee.

Select a date/time in the calendar below then answering a couple of helpful questions for our session.

I can’t wait to talk with you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

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SCHEDULE YOUR: 15 min. Minute Complimentary Homeschool Discovery Call

Click on the link >>>>> 15 min Discovery Homeschooling Call  

 Click on the above hyperlink to schedule your 15 min Discovery Homeschooling Call.

This call will:
*Help you ascertain what you will need to get started homeschooling

*Guidance to where you need to go for details of homeschooling under Option 3

*Intro to who I am and what services I will offer

*Answer any questions you may have with in this discovery 15 min call. Have your questions ready!

If the call goes beyond the above scope for the Discovery Call you will need to schedule an actual coaching/consultation call. (see below)


SCHEDULE YOUR: 1 hour Homeschool Coaching/Consultation Call

(contact Angela first for a 15 min consultation)

 Click on the above hyperlink to FIRST schedule your 15 min Discovery Homeschooling Call.

This call will:

*Guide you to clarity of homeschooling under Option 3 and the laws you must follow

*Help you understand your freedoms of homeschooling Under Option 3

*Come up with a game plan for homeschooling

*Provide best practices you’ll want to adhere to

*Forms and Paperwork to help you get started on the journey successfull

*Answer any questions that you specifically have. Have your questions ready! 🙂

*and much more

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU Owner/Director/Administrator