Are you Performing for Others?

When I first started homeschooling, I knew, without a doubt, I was homeschooling my kids for their benefit. I was going to focus on their individual needs. I was going to make sure that they explored what they each were interested in to their heart’s content. I would give them one on one instruction as well as group instruction to meet their developmental needs. It would be a challenge but it would be worth it for the benefit of my kids.

It took some time for the naysayers and the self-doubts to kick in, but eventually, we all fall victim to their mental games, even if for just a short time. It may be well-meaning family members or friends. It may be old co-workers that you run into. It may even be retired teachers you run into at the store with your kids during school hours. Whoever starts the doubt, intentional or not, unleashes a monster in your mind.

I know, I have been there.


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Looking up When you Want to Look Down

Have you every noticed where you look when you are feeling down or discouraged?

We look at our feet

We look at our hands

We look at the ground

We look down when we feel down. 

Likewise, when we are happy or feeling well where do we look?

We look at the sky

We look at birds

We look at others in their eyes

We look up when we are happy.

So when we have a rough day, we look down on ourselves, talk down Continue reading “Looking up When you Want to Look Down”

Stop Reading So Much

Being a homeschooler, we say some pretty odd things sometimes that other parents typically don’t.

Math is not done on the dog.

(well, honestly, sometimes it is)

No we are not using the cat in a science experiment.

(unless it is on feline behavior)

Why are you doing your handwriting upside down?

(apparently it’s better that way)

How did you even get your Continue reading “Stop Reading So Much”

Be what you want to See

I have heard this phrase numerous times and in various ways.

Put out the good you want to get back.

Show others how you want them to treat you.

Be the light in the world you want to see in the dark.

If you want your kid to behave a certain way, then model that behavior.

For the most part I didn’t think much about this phrase until I had kids. I am sure you have all noticed that the one thing a kid will mimic or copy from you is the one thing you do not want them to. The hands on their hips. The smart mouth come backs. The cuss words (for those who let them occasionally slip). Even the state of their bedroom is a reflection of yours. And it drives you nuts. They watch us and reflect what they see back.


One of my kids is a master procrastinator, everything can wait till later and nothing needs to be done right now. He can put off Continue reading “Be what you want to See”

Why is Writing so Difficult

I personally love to write.

I write poems

I write short stories

I write short stories in a poem format

I learned to love the act of writing in middle school.

I have had the hardest time teaching the same thing to my kids.


My kids do wonderfully with narration. They can retell a story or a movie very well and with enthusiasm. They remember every plot twist, every funny moment, and every sad situation of the book or movie. If you ask them to write it down though, it is the end of the world. Fussing,

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Do You Know How to Juggle??

My youngest is interested in robotics.

My older boy is into chemical reactions.

My daughter wants to learn about animal behavior.

Each of these individually can be extremely challenging to teach. Robotics starts with simple machines, progresses to more complex mechanisms, and then adds in electronic components. I have a basic understanding of the first one of those but chemical reactions are beyond me. I know the

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My youngest/only child wont stop acting like a baby!

I am like any other mom in that it drives me crazy how you can blink and your kids are no longer babies. They grow up way to fast! But when your ten year old can turn on the tears or lose their their temper like a three year old and they see nothing wrong with it, there is an issue.

I have spoken to other parents and it has been confirmed, this is a common phenomenon with a select group of kids. These kids are either the only child or the youngest and they do not seem to grow up.


Ok, obviously they do grow up some.

They learn new skills

They start enjoying toys and games for older kids.

They are even

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When Friends Interrupt School Time


Friends are such blessings. They help us smile when times are tough. They give good advice when we need guidance. They know exactly when we need a fun break or when we need silence to buckle down on a task.

But sometimes things do not go that smoothly

At some point in your homeschool journey there has been or will be a friend that makes homeschooling difficult. There will  be a friend that likes that we homeschool because they think that that means we can go out in the middle of the day and have fun with them. There will be a friend who thinks that because we homeschool, that means we can talk on the phone all day or stalk facebook with them.

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What is the Plan?

I am not a type A person, I do not stick to schedules well, and I am a very spontaneous person sometimes. I used to think that these qualities worked against my ability to properly plan but the problem was really my perspective of what “proper planning” was.


To get right to it, proper planning is a relative term. It solely depends on the person who is planning as to what is proper. For me, what works best is more of a rhythm of a day, versus a schedule. I do not plan out time slots for specific subjects and I do not have to keep things on a tight schedule. Instead,

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